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Kindness, knowledge, and know-how are a benchmark for the FILTREC staff all over the world

The “three Ks” have always been the added value for FILTREC all over the world, the principles that allow us to be recognized as a big player in the sector. Knowledge of the market, the product, and the competitors. Know-how as a vision and willingness to constantly invest in new technologies and equipment. Kindness, through an attentive, qualified, and always ready staff. FILTREC has always worked to create increasingly high-performance and optimized organizational and strategic processes to obtain a fluid and rapid flow.


FILTREC S.p.A. is a filter manufacturer known worldwide for the production and distribution of hydraulic filters, with a considerable portfolio of filter elements and complete filters. FILTREC is not only a hydraulic filter manufacturer but has also a second division of process filters. Millions of our filters worldwide on the field witness the high-performance level of our products. A consolidated mix of knowledge, know-how, and kindness feeds our team to daily grow alongside the market requirements and to look forward to a sustainable future.

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The main goal of the FILTREC R&D department is to develop new ideas to always be one step ahead through new filter materials and filter performance, transforming customer requests into innovative solutions. The latest innovation presented to the market is Absolute Beta. A combination and modulation of different materials that create a filter media with remarkably high performance, applicable to all product series according to the needs. This new configuration of the filter media offers great performance in terms of filter element life and above all in terms of filtration efficiency and stability. Absolute Beta allows you to save energy, essential for any type of application, which means an eco-friendlier product.

The new filtration technology

Hydraulic division

FILTREC is well-known all over the world as a hydraulic filter manufacturer. FILTREC supplies a wide range of products for all hydraulic applications. The two main categories of its production are filter elements and complete filters. Thanks to continuous innovation, the range of hydraulic filters is in continuous development.

Process division

FILTREC process filters division includes simplex, duplex, self-cleaning and gap-type filters specific for water, oil, gas, process fluids, and coalescing applications. The portfolio includes standard products and custom-made projects. Among Process division customers are engineering companies and EPCs. but also, organizations operating in the energy and petrochemical sectors.


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FILTREC boasts a significant international presence, thanks to a network of twelve branches distributed in Europe, America, and Asia. Over the years we have developed an internationalization strategy aimed to make products, skills, and the values of the brand known all over the world.

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