SYN MEDIA: synthetic fiber media technology

The vehicle and mobile equipment industries have long been developing solutions to face the challenge of dealing with extreme temperatures including those in very cold environments. The cold start can be determinable of a machine’s operability.

This has led FILTREC to the creation of ABSOLUTE BETA | SYN MEDIA, a synthetic fiber media, designed especially for our return filter range, ensures a lower pressure drop, which makes it suitable for high viscosity oil filtration, and/or in presence of high temperature variations, it guarantees reliable operability of your mobile machine.
Used also in standard conditions, the key features of very low pressure drop and high efficiency stability, also allow the users to use a synthetic small filter compared to standard filter elements made with glass fiber media or gives the possibility to cover higher flow rate and better withstanding to return flow peaks.

Due to the particular structure of the synthetic fiber media, ABSOLUTE BETA | SYN MEDIA has a low pressure drop. Replacing an equivalent size paper filter element will, in many cases, result in improved filtration efficiency, higher flow rates, longer service life, and significant cost savings. This gives the customers the possibility to use our synthetic fiber filters in standard and also in very compact systems with high return flow.
Especially for compact systems, with a small tank and low fluid volume – but with a high return flow rate, the reliability of the overall system is assured by our synthetic fiber media for removing solid contaminants.

Viscosity and temperature

Viscosity is a measure of the resistance offered by a fluid to flow and could be considered as the integral of all the interaction forces between oil molecules. When the temperature of the fluid increases, molecules have greater thermal energy and can overcome the attractive forces binding them together and they can slide over each other more easily making the liquid less viscous. When the temperature of the fluid decrease, molecules have less thermal energy and overcome the attractive forces with difficulty,

and they can slide over each other less easily making the liquid more viscous. Generally, the viscosity of lubricants means the kinematic viscosity with units of centistokes (cSt) or, less frequently, in other units such as mm2/s or SSU. If high viscosity fluid is employed, low temperatures increase further fluid viscosity producing cold start behaviours. In case of high viscosity filtration, we recommend the use of our new technology with synthetic fiber: ABSOLUTE BETA | SYN MEDIA.

Which problems can occur without synthetic fiber media?

The problems caused by cold start can be for example:

  • Exceeding the differential pressure of the filter element due to
    the higher viscosity of the oil;
  • Damages of the components of systems and equipment;
  • Unfiltered oil passage due to the bypass valve opening;
  • Increases in service costs because of unnecessary and frequent filter element replacements;
  • Higher pressure drop due to the thicker oil that has a tougher time passing through the layer of media fibres;
  • Increase of solid contamination;
  • Long waiting times until the system is warmed up.


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What are the benefits of

Our new technology with synthetic fibre media ABSOLUTE BETA | SYN MEDIA can guarantee:


  • Suitable for high viscosity liquid filtration;
  • Excellent for cold start;
  • Low pressure drop;
  • High efficiency;
  • Competitive price;
  • Low energy required;
  • Longer service life.

Fig.1 – ABSOLUTE BETA| SYN MEDIA pressure drop performance.

Fig.2 – Beta ratio efficiency values (β) for synthetic fibre media ABSOLUTE BETA| SYN MEDIA.

Fig.3 – Beta ratio efficiency values (β) for ABSOLUTE BETA| SYN MEDIA.

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