Hydraulic oil filters for industry

FILTREC is your trusted partner across a multitude of industrial applications worldwide. Our commitment to excellence spans various sectors, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. With specialized experts in each industry, we stay abreast of the latest trends and challenges to provide tailored solutions that meet your unique needs.


From initial design to aftermarket support, FILTREC stands as your unparalleled partner in expertise. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to craft system solutions that not only prove effective today but also remain future-proof, always tailored to suit your evolving needs.


The industrial landscape demands sustainability, energy efficiency, and productivity. FILTREC recognizes these challenges and offers industry-specific products and solutions. With high-class filter media, we ensure clean systems, satisfied end customers, and environmental benefits.


FILTREC products enhance the life and performance of hydraulic systems, ensuring maximum fluid cleanliness. Our innovative materials and technologies, such as Absolute Beta, protect machinery against soiling and premature wear. Ruggedly built filtration systems, equipped with high-quality filter media, withstand high pressure and require minimal maintenance. Additionally, we offer high-quality filter elements as spare parts for systems from other manufacturers.


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Sectors We Serve


Wind Power

Continuous innovation in wind power demands high-performance components. FILTREC provides filters ensuring absolute reliability and proven quality, protecting wind turbine gearboxes for preventive maintenance.



In the competitive mining field, FILTREC’s high-performance filters guarantee a balance of quality and reliability, minimizing downtime and maximizing profitability.



Our filters for agricultural environments withstand atmospheric agents, ensuring reliability, preventing wear, and offering cost-effective solutions.



FILTREC’s innovative filtration solutions for earthmoving machinery meet higher cleanliness standards, providing lower costs of operation and ownership.


Marine Industry

For the marine industry, FILTREC offers reliable solutions tailored to extreme conditions, ensuring high performance and environmental protection.


Steel Plant

As a key supplier to steel industries worldwide, FILTREC’s preventive and reliable solutions improve plant operations while protecting critical equipment.



In refrigeration, our specialty filters maximize system life, prevent premature failure, and ensure smooth operation in various conditions.


Railway Maintenance

FILTREC’s range of filters and filter elements is designed for railway maintenance, meeting or exceeding specified requirements for passenger and operator safety.


Choose FILTREC for Unmatched Filtration Solutions – Where Quality Meets Reliability.


To ensure a top quality solution: for any enquiries or question there is a Filtrec specialist that will assist you at any time.

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