Hydraulic filters

The selection and proper use of adequate hydraulic filtration solutions is a necessary and important tool in the battle to lower the total cost of ownership.


The function of a hydraulic filter is to clean oil and to prevent any substances from entering the hydraulic system. The presence of small debris and particles can cause irreversible damage to the components if unchecked. Over time, thus maintaining a good quality filtration system will guarantee optimum operating conditions and longevity along the entire life cycle.


FILTREC offers an extensive portfolio capable of high-quality hydraulic filters and filter elements that meets the highest standards. Also available are a wide range of fluid management systems, as well as accessories to complement these products.


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Introduce FILTREC hydraulic filters


Our hydraulic filters are suitable to protect machinery and components in hundreds of applications: industrial or mobile equipment.
FILTREC high-quality filtration technology focuses on specific market trends and customer needs. As a result, innovative and smart products are constantly being designed.


Inline Filters

Inline filters perform the task to protect the most sensitive components downstream from the pump. To permit maximum circuit protection they are designed with robust housing and proper filter elements to handle different pressures. Furthermore, they are sized for specific flow rates. Discover more about Filtrec inline filter configurations.


Return Filters

Return filters usually are the last component through which fluid passes before getting into the reservoir. These ones serve to filter fluids like oil and prevent the entrance of wear debris or particles from both internal warn components or external environment and circulate free in the system.
These filters are generally installed on the top of the tank fully or semi-immersed. With this condition and the aid of the available accessories, it is possible to reduce foam, turbulence, and the generation of free air in the reservoir that can cause cavitation in pumps.
Depending on the required features (flow rate, pressure, etc…) the proper FILTREC return line filter can be selected for your installation.


Suction Filters

Suction filters are located before the inlet part of the pump. The pump is a sensitive component of the hydraulic system. Suction filters have the critical role to protect it from coarse contamination, while also providing additional flow in the suction line.
Filtrec offer includes:

  • sidewall tank mounting suction filters as FS7 series available with different options;
  • the FS1 inline suction strainer series is designed to be mounted directly on the suction line submersed in the oil tank.

FILTREC hydraulic filtration solutions are developed alongside customers to design tailored ones that meet their requirements and enable system operation.

Just an overview of FILTREC filtration technology, the perfect hydraulic filtration system for any application!


To ensure a top quality solution: for any enquiries or question there is a Filtrec specialist that will assist you at any time.

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