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FILTREC is an industry leader in the production and supply of process and industrial filters. The range of filters includes simplex, duplex, and self-cleaning filters for a variety of applications. We have been in the industry for many years and are proud of our commitment to the highest quality standards.


Our products are designed to provide reliable filtration for a wide range of applications. FILTREC technologies keep the filtration process running at maximum efficiency to significantly reduce contamination and increase the productivity of the operation. We use the highest quality materials and the latest filtration technology to ensure that each product meets our customers’ needs.


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Introduce FILTREC filtration series



The Simplex series, single-body static filters are suitable for liquid as well as for gaseous media in the oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical industry, pharmacy, food, and beverage industry and in power stations. Due to the customized construction of the filter housings, they can be optimized for an existing installation.



The duplex series allows continuous operation, avoiding the need to shut off the system for filter element replacement or filter servicing. When element replacement or service is required, the flow can be easily diverted from one side of the housing to the other by the valve. The duplex series meets the requirements of applications such as gearboxes, steam turbines, compressors, and others.



The self-cleaning filters are a single body with an automatic cleaning device designed for continuous operation. The typical application includes industrial and seawater filtration, as well as many machine tool lubricants and coolants. This filtration system utilizes wedge-wire screen filter elements, in conjunction with a programmable control system called a control box.



To complete the range FILTREC can also offer gap-type filters (plate gap, tube gap, and wire gap), a classic technology used for heavily contaminated low-viscosity fluids that can be easily found in industrial fields such as machine tools, gearboxes, steam engines, and hydro motors, and others.


At FILTREC, we believe in providing our customers with the most reliable and cost-effective solutions. We understand that every business has its own unique requirements, and we work to ensure that we can provide the right solution for each customer. Our experienced team is always available to provide advice and support to ensure that our customers get the best performance from their filters.


To ensure a top quality solution: for any enquiries or question there is a Filtrec specialist that will assist you at any time.

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