The ultimate filtration technology

The New Absolute Beta filtration technology by FILTREC, comes from three decades of experience within filter element construction.
Steady, enthusiastic R&D activity, paying close attention to customers’ requirements & feedback.
A tailored combination of materials has been custom designed for each family, to perform at the highest possible level.

Media pack structure


This new Absolute Beta configuration gives extraordinary performance, in terms of life cycle but mainly in terms of filtration efficiency, also to our hydraulic filters.
All the performed tests with Absolute Beta, conformed to a very low pressure drop, which now enables us with the possibility to select a smaller filter for the same application.


Research, Development & Innovation allow us to use several media layer combinations, which result in a pleat shape that gives the element maximum performance.
Therefore, also D.H.C. (Dirt Holding Capacity) improves significantly. This research and data, give the possibility to reduce costs of the filtration technology system.
Cost of power consumption is a direct effect of less pressure drop, every hundred bars gives you a saving of money and energy (fuel or electricity). This means FILTREC has a more Eco-friendly product.


With Absolute Beta filtration technology, we offer several different micron ratings in fibreglass media, which are 1 – 3 – 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 micron. A microfiber configuration for absolute rated filters according to multipass test ISO 16889.
Major benefits are visible on the 3 – 5 and 10 micron media pack, where we found a D.H.C. increase of over 40%, compared with our previous media pack, which in most cases is greater than our major competitor.
With Absolute Beta configuration, it is possible to achieve a 20% reduction in energy or fuel consumption.

Highest performances

Money saving

Eco friendly

Lower pressure drop

image 24

30% Decrease in pressure drop compared to previous media.
This achievement of absolute beta has a large impact on the application and filter selection which gives us the possibility to choose a smaller filter for the same application or to have a long-lasting filter cartridge. This allows for less maintenance and service along with cost savings on product inventory.

Higher d.h.c.

image 27

More than 40% D.H.C. Increase.


Together with other features, this gives a huge lifetime expectancy, with other benefits in terms of money saving.

Long lasting performance

image 28

A very high performance in terms of efficiency (filter βeta Ratio > 1.000) and stability Vs. pressure drop increase.

This means stable performance of fluid cleaning for the life period of the element before it needs replacing. Consequently, fluid cleanliness will be better for the element life, which means good component protection.

The new Absolute Beta along with better performance allows the possibility to save energy which is important within every application. The best choice for your filtration technology system.

The “New” Absolute Beta Media Pack
along with better performance allows the
possibility to save energy which is
important within every application.

Filtrec filtration technology

Absolute beta

spark buster


For several years FILTREC has anti ESD products in its range but now customers can also rely on our new ABSOLUTE BETA | SPARK BUSTER technology, which provides anti-static protection that not only reduces the electrostatic discharge but also enables excellent filtration in extremely critical systems.

Absolute beta



A wide range of FILTREC filter elements can be manufactured with ABSOLUTE BETA | H2O, in addition, ABSOLUTE BETA | H2O PLUS can be an effective water absorption configuration of separating water from
hydraulic fluids and at the same time an optimal filtration of solid particles.

Absolute beta

syn media


This has led FILTREC to the creation of ABSOLUTE BETA | SYN MEDIA a synthetic fibre media, designed especially for our return filter range, that ensure a lower pressure drop, which makes it suitable for high-viscosity oil and/or in presence of high temperature variations, it guarantee reliable operability of your mobile machine.

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