H2O e H2O Plus: absorption water filter technology

Failures and unplanned downtime in a hydraulic system are often imputed to excessive levels of solid contamination but also water can be a serious contaminant as it can cause breakdowns but also affects the performance of the fluid.
The presence of water damages the components of the system increases service costs and, in the oil, induces oxidation and rust formation. It decreases the quality of lubrication, additives action and viscosity.


ABSOLUTE BETA | H2O water removal filter elements are specifically designed for the absorption of water from hydraulic fluids.
This water absorption technology configuration is an efficient method to remove water contamination. The water absorbing filter media, embedded in the filter material, removes water by a physical-chemical reaction. When absorbed, the water particles are locked physically by the gel formed and are not able to return to the fluid. This reaction is not reversible also with increased pressure.
However hydraulic oil passes through this media without interference. When the gel formation is complete, the media stops the water removal reaction. Water removal solutions can extend oil life, decrease system downtime, and increase the life of the equipment.

A wide range of FILTREC filter elements can be manufactured with water removal filters ABSOLUTE BETA | H2O, in addition, ABSOLUTE BETA | H2O PLUS can be an effective water absorption technology for separating water from hydraulic fluids and, at the same time, an optimal filtration of solid particles.

Water absorption

How to calculate the number of water absorption filter elements needed?


It is important to know the number of water removal filter elements necessary to drop the rate of water down to the target value, this can be calculated with the formula below. This formula provides only a rough estimate of the number of water removal filters. Depending on the viscosity of the oil and the flow rate, the value obtained from this formula could deviate from the number of elements needed.


The amount of water in the fluid is expressed in ppm (parts per million).

N = number of water absorption filter elements needed


Voil = oil volume in the system (l)


Cw = water concentration in the system (ppm -Karl Fisher method)


KH2o = 0.078 ml/cm2 for H2O Plus
0.082 ml/cm2 for H2O


A = filtering surface of water removal filters (cm2)

Which problems can cause water?

The problems caused by water contamination can be serious, for example:


  • Water damages the components of systems and machines.
  • It increases the service costs.
  • Water particles can cause corrosion, early wear, and oxidation of the fluid.
  • It increases solid contamination.
  • Ice creation at low temperature.
  • Acidification of the fluid.


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What are the benefits of

Our new technology ABSOLUTE BETA | H2O can guarantee:


  • Water and solid particles removal especially with ABSOLUTE BETA | H2O PLUS.
  • Reduction of oil degradation and longer oil service.
  • Better efficiency and reliability of the system.
  • Reduction of unplanned downtimes.
  • Reduction of the cost of ownership.
  • Maximize the lifetime of hydraulic components.

Fig.1 –  Water content determination according to Karl Fischer titration method ISO 12937.

Fig.2 – Water removal filters ABSOLUTE BETA | H2O and H2O plus media with and without absorbed water.

Fig.3 – Example of water and pressure trend on water removal ABSOLUTE BETA H2O | PLUS filters.

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