FLR New series



Discover FLR, the innovative series of medium-pressure in-line filters suitable for industrial systems and applications such as lubrication, offline systems, and mobile filtration units.

Operating pressure up to 30 bar and maximum flow rate up to 2600 l/min.

The new Filtrec project was developed to satisfy high flow rates and, above all, sized to work with high viscosities guaranteeing low-pressure drops. The upside-down design and configuration allow in-line and 90-degree mounting for maximum flexibility and easy maintenance of the hydraulic system.

What makes the difference in this new Filtrec series are the filter elements, it is in fact possible to choose between three different series of elements: RHR, R4, and the brand-new U5.


The FLR range is interchangeable with the major competitors, but what makes the difference is the combination between FLR and the new U5 filter elements.  FLR-U5 version guarantee the highest DHC on the market, reaching up to 1.000 g in the 10-micron absolute version. A coreless and eco-friendly version that only requires the replacement of the filter media as the inner core is incorporated in the filter body.

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