New FBM Series

Filtrec Unleashes Innovation with FBM Series: Elevating Pressurized Air Breather Filters

Embark on a new era of protection for your pressurized systems with Filtrec’s latest breakthrough – the FBM series. These pressurized air breather filters, equipped with replaceable filter elements, are designed to fortify your systems against the infiltration of contaminants like dust, dirt, and moisture.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the thoughtful design of FBM series, ensuring easy maintenance for continuous system safeguarding. The replaceable filter elements, available in Glassfiber and Cellulose materials, provide diverse filtration efficiencies tailored to your system’s requirements.

Choosing between glassfiber and cellulose elements becomes a strategic decision, dependent on factors such as application, operating conditions, and specific system requirements. Our filters, resistant to harsh environments, guarantee long-term reliability and easy maintenance.

Excavators and earth-moving machines find a common application for the FBM series, showcasing its adaptability and reliability in challenging conditions. Experience uncompromised protection and easy maintenance with Filtrec’s FBM series – where cutting-edge technology meets the demands of your dynamic systems.