New FH100 Series


Meet the newest member of Filtrec squad: FH100 series. A new inline pressure filter series, for operating pressure up to 100 bar and flow rate up to 300 l/min.

The new series designed following international regulations meets the highest demands regarding cleanliness classes. Its configuration delivers outstanding performances with exceptional reliability. Fatigue pressure test over 106 cycles from zero to max working pressure.

It’s available in different sizes and options that include:

  • With or without bypass valve,
  • Anti backflow (ABF) and reverse flow (RF) valve options,
  • visual or visual-electrical indicators,
  • filter media G01 – G03 – G06 – G10 – G15 – G25 with specific ßxµm(c)≥1000 ratio or SYN MEDIA M05 – M10 – M15

The FH100 series is suitable for different applications including, lubrication systems, machining tools, and medium pressure circuits.