New FS5 Series

Introducing FS5 Series: Filtrec’s Breakthrough in side wall mounting suction filters

We’re thrilled to unveil our latest innovation – the FS5 series, an advanced side wall mounting suction filter designed to elevate your hydraulic system performance. Enhancing our suction series, the FS5 brings efficiency and convenience to a whole new level.

Mounted on the tank side wall, the FS5 series features an integrated foot valve, enabling filter element replacement without the need to open or empty the reservoir. When the screw-on cap is removed for maintenance, the foot valve closes automatically, allowing undisturbed servicing even when submerged below the oil level in a full tank.

With a direct connection to the suction line, the FS5 series plays a crucial role in protecting pumps from particle contaminants. Through full-flow filtration in the system return, these filters shield pumps, ensuring optimal performance by preventing dirt particles left in the system after assembly, repairs, or those introduced by wear and tear.

Notably, the FS5 series finds a key application in compact oil coolers for transit mixers. In the challenging environment of concrete mixer trucks, hydraulic oil faces harsh conditions. The FS5 series, with its advanced filtration, extends the life of hydraulic components by reducing wear caused by contaminants.

Experience the future of hydraulic filtration with Filtrec’s FS5 series – enhancing efficiency and prolonging the life of your hydraulic systems.