New FR6 series

New FR6 series, tank top return filters for compact solutions

The filters of this new series fit perfectly all the applications where space and lightness are essential.
Availability of 2 or 4 holes flanges allows to choose the most convenient tank mounting and the screwable top lid make maintenance handy and easy.

The number of available options can join more functions in one product:
• The inbuilt air breather requires no further space and machining for a breather
• The extra ports allow to direct a second return line or a drain flow to one filter; one of the extra ports can even be used to fill the reservoir with filtered oil
• The dipstick can detect the oil level with no need of a side level gauge

Furthermore the optional extension tube can ensure the outlet flow always below the oil level, avoiding formation of foam.
The filter elements have optimized filter pack, with improved efficiency and lifetime.

Please see the catalogue for full technical information.