New FUH050-FUH100 Series

Introducing the FUH050 and FUH100 Series: Excellence in portable and transfer Filtration!

We’re thrilled to unveil our latest innovations – the FUH050 and FUH100 series, revolutionizing portable transfer and filtration units on wheels.

Engineered for maneuverability and van-friendly sizing, these units provide unparalleled convenience precisely where and when you need it.

Versatile Solutions for Optimal Performance:
The FUH050 and FUH100 series are your go-to solutions for maintaining lubrication oil and hydraulic fluids in off-line applications. Whether handling oil, transferring fluids, or conditioning reservoirs and gearboxes, these units excel, especially in the rigorous task of cleaning highly contaminated hydraulic oil.

Key Features:
FUH050: Designed for flow rates up to 50 l/min, equipped with FLR-U562.
FUH100: With a flow rate of up to 100 l/min, supplied with FLR-U564 and Filtrec FMSC01S0, Filtrec contamination particle counter.

Innovative Filtration Technology FLR-U5 Series:
Both series feature the groundbreaking FLR-U5 series, boasting medium-pressure in-line filters with revolutionary U5 elements. These elements elevate particulate capture and retention, ensuring your equipment operates without hindrance. With the highest Dirt Holding Capacity (DHC) on the market, reaching up to 1,000 g in the 10-micron absolute version, our filters guarantee superior performance.

The FLR-U5 series presents a coreless and eco-friendly design. The inner core is seamlessly incorporated into the filter body, requiring only filter media replacement. This not only ensures operational efficiency but also minimizes disposal impact, reducing your environmental footprint.

Embrace the future of portable filtration with the FUH050 and FUH100 series – where cutting-edge technology meets your needs