New FUVD040 Series

Introducing the FUVD040 SERIES: Revolutionizing Hydraulic System Performance

We are thrilled to unveil the latest innovation from Filtrec: the FUVD040 SERIES Oil Vacuum Dehydrator and Filtration Unit. Engineered to redefine performance standards, this cutting-edge unit is designed to maximize water removal and achieve specific overall water content in hydraulic and high viscosity lubricating oils.

The FUVD040 SERIES incorporates revolutionary U5 elements, setting a new benchmark in solid particulate contamination removal. These elements elevate particulate capture and retention, ensuring uninterrupted equipment operation. With the highest Dirt Holding Capacity (DHC) on the market, our filters guarantee superior performance, reaching up to 1,000 g in the 10-micron absolute version.

Mitigating Water-Related Issues with FUVD040

Filtrec’s FUVD040 Vacuum Dehydration provides an effective solution for mitigating water-related issues at minimal cost, ensuring optimal system performance. By removing water from the system, vacuum dehydration prevents the formation of free water, which can cause serious damage.

Optimized Performance

The FUVD040 SERIES achieves an optimized balance between process design and user-friendly operation, facilitating the removal of water and particulate contaminants from hydraulic and high viscosity lubricating oils. Our commitment to uncompromising quality makes Filtrec the ideal partner for maintaining peak system performance.

Choose Quality, Choose Filtrec

With the FUVD040 SERIES Oil Vacuum Dehydrator and Filtration Unit, Filtrec continues to push the boundaries of innovation in oil purification technology. Experience superior performance, reliability, and efficiency with Filtrec as your trusted partner in fluid management solutions.

Don’t compromise on quality, choose Filtrec for unmatched excellence in oil vacuum dehydration and filtration.